What We Do

Garrett-Ihnen Civil Engineers specializes in commercial, residential and institutional site development throughout the Hill Country region of Texas and beyond.

In each instance, we take a different approach in how we serve our clients. Our civil engineers serve as the project managers of each site and offer both top-shelf quality professional engineering skills and expertise with one-on-one service.

Here are the services we proudly offer:

Land Development 

Developing the most desirable site layout by coordinating with regulating entities and analyzing site characteristics


Street and Road Design

Designing infrastructure throughout residential, commercial, and mixed use projects.


Hydraulics & Hydrologic Evaluation 

Calculating the effects of storm water on a project site before, during, and after construction.


Drainage & Stormwater Management

Developing systems that convey, detain, and treat stormwater runoff in order to conform with safety standards.


Water Distribution System Design

Designing water distribution systems that will supply water service and provide fire protection throughout the project.


Wastewater Collection System Design

Designing sewage collection systems that conform with health and safety standards.


City, State, and Federal Permitting

Coordinating with governing agencies to obtain proper authorization for project construction. For more information on how Garrett-Ihnen can help with your project, please contact us to schedule a consultation. 

We understand the intricacies of the permitting process in Austin and its surrounding areas, and we have a dedicated permitter who will hand-walk your project through the various stages of the permitting process.